The consumer is bombarded by an unlimited amount of information he or she needs to check out before spending an extra cent on a product or service. The smart ones will take their time to study what’s available, what other consumers say, and what their experiences are before buying. The pre purchase research also gives them the chance to evaluate a product or service provider among peers, ultimately guiding them to select superior products/service providers.

With more and more modern consumers opting to buy goods and services online, it is becoming extremely important for one to expand their pre purchase research to online resources that aren’t normally featured by traditional consumer information elements like the consumer report magazine.

E-commerce websites help their consumers make better decisions in part because of the published customer reviews, affiliated site product insights, etc. It is important to note that essay writing companies do not offer such kind of support to their consumers.

Student consumers and essay writing companies

Student consumers value the services that are offered to them by essay writing companies. However, with the lack of adequate consumer information in the form of consumer experience, user feedback and so forth, the consumer is highly challenged when looking for a paper they need to hire. For them to make a better decision, students need to take some time to study the options through a free reviews site like aboutartschool.com.

Why we review essay writing companies

The large number of essay writing companies makes it hard for one to decide which one is better than the other. It also takes a lot longer for the student to hop on various review websites, forums and discussion boards when they’re looking for help with their assignments. The aim of this website is to solve the above problems by first sharing all the information a student needs to know about a given essay writing service provider, and having it all on one website to save time.



How it works

This website has two core reviews. The first sets of reviews are customer comments and ratings describing what every service provider gives in their own words. We study and analyze the data to come up with reliable recommendations for would be buyers. Note that the customer comments are also added in these reports.

To add on that, we also ask our experts to analyze and review each company- this ends up in a summary review the consumers can rely on for their needs.